Monday, 4 July 2011

On My Bookshelf (1)...

Having started joining in with the meme In My Mailbox... on a Sunday which is a lot of fun...  but it made me think... I have a large collection of books... many I have read... many I intend to read... many on the To Be Read pile... but others languish On My Bookshelf...  they may have been read or they may be patiently gathering dust while they wait...  some I hope to review over coming months... while others may not be reviewed (after all there are well over 4,000 titles to choose from)...

The House of the Wolfings
by William Morris
first published 1888, republished 2003

The Roots of the Mountains
by William Morris
first published 1889, republished 2003

"If you like Tolkien's Aragorn, if you admire the bravery of the Riders of Rohan, if you long for more adventure in an unspoiled wilderness, or if you wish Tolkien had more romances between men and women, then you will be delighted by this tale from William Morris."

Oh yes, yes, yes...  
Another pair of books on my forever wishlist arrived with me... well, umm, a while ago and yes, I fully intend to read them... just not quite sure when...  What a talented man William Morris was... an amazing designer, business man and author of some of the first fantasy novels...


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