Monday, 31 October 2011

Mostly True...

I ordered Mostly True by Brian Andreas on a whim...  it arrived today...  I read it in about an hour...

Then I found myself picking it up and reading it again...  then flicking through it and reading the short and pictorial stories as they flashed by...

I think it is an enlightening book.  I love his short stories that he calls mostly true from his life but with some fantasy elements added in... and the reader can work out which while reading...

"A few said they'd be
horses.  Most said they'd 
be some sort of cat.
My friend said she'd 
like to come back as a

I don't like crowds,
she said."

Porcupine by Brian Andreas

This is not a long book and I read it initially very quickly, but it is a book that will live in the lounge on my coffee table so that when I relax with a cup of tea and want to see life through a very different kaleidoscope I shall pick it up and read the first pages that I open...  


Serenata said...

Sounds intriguing! Will have to look this up.

I will reply to your email...just been busy trying to get things done.

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