Thursday, 30 June 2011

Enjoying the process...

I am really enjoying reading The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle.  About one third of the way through the novel which is written from the Unicorn's point of view (and she has a wonderful personality).

As I sat in the garden in the shade of the lilac tree reading the novel...  I wondered how people read 5+ novels in a week.  Have they found a method of speed reading or do they never sleep?  

It was such a lovely warm day here.  A change from the rain that has pelted down for most of this summer.  One thing I've learned about wet Northern Irish summers is that we need to enjoy the sunshine when it comes out from behind the clouds as it will not last all that long until the next heavy downpour (which drove me, my book and my chair indoors again).


A reader said...

Loved The Last Unicorn, also another Beagle novel called A Fine and Private Place, I have always meant to read more of his work. Your post has also made me feel like re-reading The Last Unicorn. Lovely blog by the way.

Nikki . said...

Thank you. I have just finished the Last Unicorn. Such an enchanting read. Thank you for following me. You are my first.

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